Correlation between destiny and astrology

Astrology can reveal aspects of the world that’s beyond our reach. Astrology is intricately entwined with our lives, and acts as a medium that defines and shapes our destiny.

“What seems as fascination to the modern world is an age-old science. With proper understanding of Vedic astrology, one can perceive how their life is going to pan out,” says Dr Sundeep Koachar, one of the best celebrity astrologer.

From reading daily horoscope in the newspaper to making critical life decisions like marriage, business, jobs, etc., astrology is an influential factor. It brings forward the best possible outcomes.

The date and time of birth form the basis of astrology. According to Dr Sundeep Koachar, “Using essential information about a person’s birth, astrology can reveal the cause of their illness, difficulty in life, inability to get married, the best time to start a venture, and a lot more.”

Zodiac signs also play a vital role in characterizing your destiny. Based on the zodiac, a person’s aura helps them tread forward.


Being their own boss is what precisely describes Capricorn. They do not like to work under anyone’s supervision and are usually interested in starting their business. Hard work, combined with their dreams, helps them move forward on the path to success.


If there is something a Virgo loves, it is stability. They are very adaptable. For them, success comes from being organized, and their ability to remain calm under any situation.


With unwavering focus, people who fall under Taurus zodiac sign, are good at maintaining a stable and healthy life, they are good with showcasing their skills, and earn accolades for their smart work.


Relationships matter the most to Scorpios. Being faithful, they are always able to understand the people. Also, their ability to determine truth, gives them an edge over others. In jobs that require writing or detective work, they can write their destiny in golden words.


Flexible and fickle at the same time, Pisces have an avid interest in painting, dancing, drama and communication. With focus and concentration, they can excel in such creative fields and make a promising career.


Born leaders, they are sure to get success whenever they start a new venture. They have a bundle of ideas, and know how to include emotions in their projects. Success is sure to come by for a Cancerian.


Determination is what drives Leos to success. With a focused vision and multiple ideas to share, they always deliver a strong opinion in all circumstances.“Leo is a powerful zodiac sign. People who fall under this sign are very particular about the work they do. It is their attitude and authoritative nature that drives them to success,” says one of the best Indian astrologers, Sundeep Koachar.


Designers of their destiny, they believe in taking credit for their work. Earning success matters the most to them. Aries are appreciative in nature, and this quality helps them move ahead in life.


Traveling, adventure, sports, activities and other fun tasks interest a Sagittarius. With jobs that require them to be on their feet, a positive turn in their destiny is only around the corner.


With the ability to excel in anything they do, Libras are good at balancing everything. Making sure to give it all they have ensures a successful career for them.


Selling things to people requires a special skill that Geminis possess. They are smart, elegant and love themselves above anyone else. This boosts their confidence and makes them born leaders.


‘People’s person’ is just the right term for Aqaurius. They prefer working in groups. They are not much appreciative of change, and believe that success comes when people work hand-in-hand.

Our stars hold the secret to our destiny. With an individual personality,zodiac signs determine how we move ahead in life.